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Special drug infusion pump (propofol, flurbiprofen ester, fluorouracil)

New usage concept

With the continuous development and innovation of medical science and technology, the updating speed of clinical drugs is accelerated. The traditional disposable portable infusion pump cannot be applied to the infusion of drugs with special ingredients, such as: (propofol, flurbiprofen ester, fluorouracil), the infusion speed error is large in use, which affects the therapeutic effect. After years of clinical practice, we continue to analyze and study the characteristics of the above drugs. Through the development of new materials and the improvement of product technology, we have developed the first drug pump approved by the State Medical Products Administration, which makes the infusion of the above drugs more accurate, safe and effective, and improves the therapeutic effect of patients. Reduce the risk!

Unique manufacturing technology

Founded in 1993, BSTL has been committed to the research and development and production in the field of single-use microinfusion for 30 years. The products adopt advanced silicone rubber and unique flow control technology, and constantly innovate. In 2023, a special drug infusion pump for propofol, flurbiprofen axel and fluorouracil was developed. The purified water and the special liquid with the same flow rate were compared and studied, and the actual maximum difference between the flow rate of the special liquid and the purified water was as follows: Propofol > -50%ml/h, flurbiprofen > -20%ml/h, fluorouracil > -15%ml/h. If the infusion pump calibrated with purified water is used for the above drug infusion, its infusion flow will far exceed the deviation requirements specified in the YY0451-2010 standard. For infusion of the above drugs, the corresponding special drug infusion pump should be selected to ensure the accuracy of infusion flow and therapeutic effect.


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