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Product advantage
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Product advantage

Ø Elcams medical three-way valve, fat resistance, good sealing, safe flow switching.

Ø The use of UV curable adhesive imported from the United States and unique bonding process, completely solve the problem of leakage.

Ø Self-developed precision filter, filter aperture 5μm, can effectively filter bacteria, particulate impurities, automatic exhaust to ensure no blockage.

ØHigh quality elastic liquid storage sac made of silicone rubber, balanced shrinkage, stable performance, drug stability up to 100h, ensuring continuous accurate infusion, less residual liquid.

Ø Anti-kinking pipe (0.9-1.2m), not afraid of bending, to ensure the liquid medicine smooth.

Ø Single-use to avoid cross infection.

Ø No power supply, no electromagnetic interference, flexible and convenient to use in different situations.

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