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KSH has completed the change of medical device registration certificate


     Beijing KSH Medical Technology Co., Ltd. recently obtained the Medical Device Change Registration (record) Document issued by the State Medical Products Administration, the change content involves models, specifications and product technical requirements.


     On the basis of the original specifications, this change has added four types of products: CBI convertible, CBI (propofol), CBI (flurbiprofen ester) and CBI (fluorouracil), which has enriched the product categories in the field of disposable portable infusion pumps. Three flow rates of one product can be adjusted to provide a more reasonable infusion flow choice for different treatment stages and adaptive indications. The special drug pump is developed for the special dosage form of liquid medicine, so that the infusion flow is more accurate, which is conducive to the choice of more suitable infusion products for doctors.

    Since its establishment in 1993,  KSH has been committed to the development of disposable portable infusion pumps. It has made innovations in product functions, application scenarios and drug subdivision for many times, with a rigorous attitude to ensure the leading quality of products. The person in charge of the registration said that the design concepts will be gradually implemented in the future, to give medical care and patients more practical and intimate choices, escort for medical safety.

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